Game of Thrones

Visit the legendary Game of Thrones locations in Croatia

If you’re planning a summer vacation, Croatia is the place to go, no doubt about that. Its beautiful Adriatic coast is full of wonderful islands, picturesque little towns, incredible history, and amazing culture. Not to mention that the people over there are extremely friendly and the food is just awesome. But even if for some reason this is still not enough, this small but lovely country has another ace up its sleeve. Many of the scenes from the immensely popular show Game of Thrones were shot here, so if you’re a fan of the series, you will be able to visit some iconic locations yourself. Read on and see where you have to go!


Walk the city of Lannisters and Targaryens

If you’re a fan of the show, visiting Dubrovnik should be at the very top of your list because Dubrovnik doubled in the series as King’s Landing, the capital city of the Seven Kingdoms! No wonder, because Dubrovnik’s Old Town is absolutely majestic and serves perfectly to portray the importance of such an illustrious city in the Game of Thrones’ universe. The ancient city walls are a sight to behold, and loads of fantastic examples of architecture fit into the story perfectly.

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones locations are quite numerous and will certainly fill out your day when in town. As a matter of fact, you may even want to visit them on your own, outside an organized Game of Thrones tour, just so you can enjoy them more. If you have enough time, take it nice and slow and learn about the real history behind any of the aforementioned places. Trust me when I say that it’s just as fascinating.


Relive Cersei’s Walk of Shame

Of course, you can take a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik, and you really should do that if you’re a fan of the show because there are many important places from the series scattered all over the city. For example, you will find Littlefinger’s Brothel in the Old Town, and you can even go and visit Spice King’s palace. However, what is particularly interesting is that the steps below the Great Sept of Baelor are also here, and this is where Cersei set off on her famous Walk of Shame. Not only that, but the Red Keep can also be visited, as can the city docks and gates.

Dubrovnik old town

Slightly outside Dubrovnik is Arboretum Trsteno, another Game of Thrones location. This arboretum played the part of King’s Landing’s garden and it certainly fits the role perfectly. The lush impressive greenery is incredibly soothing and relaxing, with some quite amazing examples of plant life. If you’re spending a few days in Dubrovnik, coming here is worth it for so many reasons.


Visit the jewel of Slaver’s Bay – Meereen

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia, and it too had a very prominent role to play in the filming of Game of Thrones. The massive Diocletian’s Palace is the city’s heart built more than 1700 years ago to accommodate none other than the Roman emperor Diocletian himself. Therefore, it is the perfect place for the queen of the dragons, right? Yes, the cellars of this huge palace were Daenerys’ throne room in the show, and she also kept her dragons here for a while. Not only that, but the ancient streets above it were used to film parts of the slave rebellion in Meereen.

Just outside of Split is another place that doubled as Meereen, the Klis Fortress. You will actually be quite amazed by how little this place was altered by CGI in the show. Everything is exactly the same apart from, of course, the pyramids in the background. Therefore, you will really feel like you’re walking the streets of Meereen.

Meerem Klis fortress


Join the fight of the Unsullied

Another of Game of Thrones locations around Split is Žrnovnica, a very picturesque little town and a great place if you want to get away from the city bustle a bit. The mill here was used to film the famous scene which sees Missandrei and several other women bathing in the river. The town’s quarry is also in the show – it is the place where the Unsullied fought for Daenerys and where Daario faced off against Bronn.

But even that is not all when it comes to Game of Thrones locations in Split. Another town on the city’s outskirts, Kaštela, doubled as Braavos, and one part of the town, Kaštel Gomilica, is the place where Arya Stark is first seen in Braavos and where she takes up selling oysters.

Because all of these locations are not exactly close to each other and you need to be quite familiar with Split and its surroundings to reach them all, it is very much recommended that you book a Game of Thrones tour when in Split. Knowledgeable guides make visiting all of that so much easier.


The way of the dragons

But that’s not all when it comes to Game of Thrones spots in Croatia. If you continue from Split up the coast, you will soon arrive in the city of Šibenik. This place also got the task of playing Braavos, but most of Cersei’s naked walk was filmed here, too. Not to mention that Šibenik is also home to the Iron Bank.

On the other hand, if you head from Split to Baška Voda, you will see the exact place where Daenerys has some alone time with the dragons at the beginning of the first episode of season four. As a matter of fact, a lot of this episode was shot around here. Mountain Biokovo serves as a great setting for the queen’s army’s journey, and you can also go hiking here for some spectacular views of the Adriatic below.

It is quite possible that you will be able to find a Game of Thrones tour from Dubrovnik that takes you to Ston, a lovely little medieval town. The place is famous for its production of salt, which hasn’t changed in centuries and is quite an amazing thing to watch, but it also has incredible walls. The walls are 7km (about 4 miles) long and are the longest in Europe, so it makes sense for them to serve as the walls of King’s Landing. Dozens of towers and five fortresses make this an excellent place to visit whenever you’re in Dubrovnik.


Recommended Game of Thrones itinerary

Since this is a fairly small country, organizing a Game of Thrones tour of Croatia certainly seems like a great way to spend your summer vacation, especially if you’re a fan of the show. But even if you’re not, seeing all the filming locations will show you some of the most remarkable sights in Croatia, especially in Dubrovnik where you will practically go through the whole Old Town as you explore the city’s Game of Throne locations.

Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

One such tour of Croatia will take several days, but it can still be completed within a reasonable time frame. Most Dubrovnik locations can be visited in one day, for example, although it is very much recommended to spend at least a couple of days in this beautiful city. This will give you time to visit Arboretum Trsteno. After that, you can head on to Split (with a stop in Ston and/or Baška Voda along the way) and explore the locations in the city centre and the city’s outskirts. With that done, Šibenik can be your final stop of the tour because it’s only about an hour by car from Split.

In any case, although there is plenty to see, you can still organize everything so that you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation in Croatia, without any rush to get to any of the locations. Enjoy and soak in the beauty of every place you visit.