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The archipelago in front of Split boasts many beautiful islands, but many will say that Hvar is its crown jewel. This wonderful place has absolutely everything: picturesque towns, quaint villages, serene and untouched nature, and places where you can party hard. As we have already mentioned several times on this website, Conde Nast Traveller’s readers have voted Hvar to be the best island in Europe in 2019. Therefore, when in Split, a day trip to Hvar seems like a must, so here are a few tips to help you set everything up.


How to get to Hvar from Split

Before we start, we have to point out that there is a town called Hvar on the island, and it’s actually such a beautiful vacation destination that we have a huge Hvar Town guide for you covering everything you can do and see there. Apart from that, you can also visit places like Jelsa and Stari Grad, which also have a lot to offer and are full of Mediterranean charm.

The island of Hvar can be reached from Split in several ways: there are ferries and catamarans you can board in Split’s harbor, or you can simply set up a boat transfer from Split. That way, you will get to the island much faster and enjoy quite a beautiful ride. In any case, catamarans will get you there in about an hour, ferries take an hour and a half or even more, whereas with a boat transfer you can reach the island in way under an hour.

The price of a ferry/catamaran ticket to Hvar depends on which town you choose and ranges between 39 kunas (about 5 EUR) and 55 kunas (about 7 EUR). Obviously, you can avoid the hassle of finding your spot on a ship if you just rent a boat from Split and head to Hvar at your own pace, free of any timetables you need to worry about.


How to organize a day trip from Split to Hvar

Again, you have plenty of options, and all of them promise you a great day out. You can go and explore the island yourself, especially if you board a ferry with your car (ferries go only to Stari Grad, whereas the other two towns are covered by catamarans which don’t transport cars). Should you decide to explore things yourself, however, your best bet is to head to Hvar Town and with the help of our aforementioned guide explore it thoroughly. You will see awesome examples of architecture, eat in fantastic restaurants and enjoy an incredibly relaxing day trip. Naturally, you will also be able to go for a swim, since the town has a few very nice beaches. However, if you’re willing to get out of town and do a little bit of exploring, go for Zaraće or Dubovica beaches – they are not that far from, but they are incredibly beautiful. When you see them, you’ll realize that this is what you’ve been looking for on your every vacation: pristine sea of amazing color, loads of sun and a place all for you to relax.

Mind you, the town of Hvar is packed with culture and buildings that go back centuries, so maybe booking an organized Hvar tour from Split isn’t a bad idea, either. This way, you get a local guide who can fill you in on all the sights and their significance, so you won’t have to lose any time on your day trip trying to find that one building and you’ll be able to learn a whole lot. The bottom line is that there is a whole variety of ways you can choose from when setting up a day trip from Split to Hvar. Choose one and you will have a great time.


Pakleni (Paklinski) otoci

One thing everyone should consider when on Hvar is a tour of Paklinski islands, also known as Pakleni islands or Pakleni otoci. It is a small archipelago just off the coast of Hvar, and it is full of wonderful beaches, exquisite restaurants and great cocktail bars. If you want nothing but to enjoy yourself in the sea, then this tour is just perfect for you. Palmižana beach is the most popular one here, but Ždrilca is also a great choice, and the Carpe Diem club has a beach where it throws some pretty wild parties. With about two dozens of islands, there is bound to be something for everyone here.

You can get from Split to Pakleni islands if you book one of many Hvar tours, but even if you don’t set anything up, you can hop on a boat in Hvar town and be on the islands in about 20 minutes. Once there, you can stay put or go island hopping jumping from one boat into another. No doubt, a visit to Pakleni islands will make your day trip from Split to Hvar so much better.


In the end

No matter how or where you decide to spend your Hvar day trip from Split, you will have a great time. The island has absolutely everything any tourist could ever want and is very well connected to the city. But if we had to choose one place to recommend, we would tell you to go to the town of Hvar. Simply, it has an unbelievable amount of things to offer for such a small place, plus you can get easily to Paklinski islands and several other great beaches from it. As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to stay longer at the end of your trip. Hvar is loved by people from Croatia and all over the world for some very good reasons, and coming to this part of the world and not visiting it would mean missing out on something very special. Make the most of your vacation and set up this day trip if at all possible!


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