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Boat trip inside the Blue Cave on Bisevo island, Croatia
Blue Cave tour - Bisevo island
Porat beach on Bisevo island, Croatia
Bisevo island
Bisevo islands Bisevo islands


Blue Cave tour from Dubrovnik

Croatia has a couple of spectacular Blue Caves you can visit. One is on the islet of Biševo near Vis, and the other is, as you can probably guess from the title, near Dubrovnik. Therefore, if you’re a nature lover and want to see what the elements are capable of, booking a Blue Cave tour from Dubrovnik is a perfect choice for a day trip. You will see quaint little islands, enjoy fantastic beaches and get to swim in an utterly magical environment. Yes, you can swim in this Blue Cave, too! So without further ado, let’s get down to business and see what you can expect from this exciting tour.


Where is the Blue Cave near Dubrovnik?

The Blue Cave (sometimes also called the Blue Grotto) near Dubrovnik is located on the small island of Koločep, only about 5 kilometers northwest from the city. So, it’s not far at all and you can reach it in a variety of ways. As a matter of fact, the island is an essential part of every Elaphiti Islands tour.

However, not all tours of the islands will take you to the topic of our article here, whereas this tour will. You can also rent a boat in Dubrovnik and just take off on your own: you will reach Koločep in about 15 minutes and can then explore the area as much as you want. Do keep in mind that it may be a bit challenging to find the cave, as there are several other caves on the island and the Blue Cave cannot be accessed on foot. So, all in all, maybe signing up for an organized Blue Cave tour from Dubrovnik may not be a bad idea since you will have a local showing you the way and telling you everything you need to know.


What’s the cheapest way to get to the Blue Cave?

The cheapest way to get to the Blue Cave is probably to hop on a ship to Koločep and maybe rent a kayak or a boat there to reach the grotto. You don’t have to worry about buying a ticket or paying any kind of fee – the entrance is free for all who come to enjoy this spectacular place.

Given its secluded location, the cave is never too crowded, so you can expect to enjoy some peace and quiet and relax completely as you are engulfed by azure blue waters. In theory, you could just swim to the cave, but because the location is a bit remote, reaching it can be demanding if you’re not a good swimmer.


Why is Blue Cave so special

Entering the Blue Cave on Koločep is a mesmerizing experience for several reasons. When you get to the cave, you will see that the ceiling of the entrance is extremely low, so much so that the only way to get in is to jump from your boat and start swimming. Yes, there’s no other way, you have to get wet if you want to view the cave from the inside.

The relatively narrow passageway that leads to the Blue Cave’s interior is shockingly beautiful, but that’s just a hint of what awaits you when you get to your final destination. The way the light and the sea interact with each other here is simply beyond words, and the shade of blue you get because of that is very much indescribable. This all becomes even more pronounced if you dive below the surface (it’s not very deep here) and take a look.

Honestly, if you have your snorkeling equipment and dive just outside of the cave and then go in, you will have the feeling you’re in another world. Our Blue Cave tours from Dubrovnik can offer you such equipment, and we sincerely recommend you grab that opportunity if (while) you can – the water is pristine and you can often see quite a few small fish swimming around, so the experience of a completely surreal surrounding will be complete. But that’s just a part of what you get here!


What does the Blue Cave tour from Dubrovnik include?

While the Blue Grotto is certainly the star of the show on this day trip, it’s not the only awesome thing you will see. As a matter of fact, Koločep has three more other amazing caves, and you will visit all of them this way. Of course, in this case too will you do that by swimming, so you can very much expect to spend a larger part of your day in the sea.

What’s that? You want beaches? No worries there because before you arrive to Koločep, the tour will make a stop on Lopud, another member of the Elaphiti Islands. Here you will get to enjoy the Šunj beach, regarded by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

And as soon as you get there you’ll see why that’s the case: a beautiful strip of sand is surrounded by emerald-green hills and tucked away from the rest of the world. The shallow waters make it an ideal family destination, but pretty much everyone will find something that will amaze them when they come here. It really is a jaw-dropping destination.



Signing up for a Blue Cave tour from Dubrovnik is a perfect way to add something extra to your vacation. Sure, tens of thousands of tourists come to visit this city every year, but most of them don’t get to see and enjoy things outside of the city walls. Don’t be one of them! The nature around Dubrovnik is incredible, and the Blue Cave (Grotto) is the ultimate proof of that. So, if you have one day to spare, spending it exploring Koločep, enjoying the Šunj beach and marveling at the feats of nature there is how you should spend it. Book the whole thing right now!


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