You are in Split and would like to visit one of the neighboring islands or towns without having to deal with the crowds of tourists who are flooding the local ferries? You’ve come to the right place! Our boat transfers from Split are the perfect solution – not only will they get you to your destination faster, but you will also enjoy a beautiful ride and get up close and personal with the Adriatic. With our help, you can reach all the most popular destinations in a blink of an eye and for the best possible price. It’s a perfect way to avoid the stress hordes of people inevitably bring. You can even get to the islands directly from the city’s airport!

Imagine getting to Split and jumping right onto a motorboat and immediately getting that sense of adventure and discovery. Soon after that, you will sense an adrenaline rush washing over you as the boat picks up speed and you start feeling the wind in your hair. Yes, our boats make every place in the Adriatic easily accessible because, in addition to having experienced and very capable staff, they are very fast and cut down the time needed to get anywhere to a couple of hours at most. So don’t waste any of your hard-earned vacation on traffic jams (of which there are plenty in Split during summer). Book a boat transfer from Split and you will start enjoying yourself immensely even before you reach the island or the town of your choice.

How fast is it?

Just to give you an idea of how much time you can save this way, let’s take a look at how long it takes to complete a boat transfer. For example, reaching the side of Brač facing Split, i.e. towns like Milna and Supetar will take less than half an hour. Compare that to the ferry which will cover the same distance in at least 50 minutes, plus you will probably have to come to the port early and deal with huge crowds. With our boat transfers, you just hop in the boats that are waiting just for you in a much less crowded area and you’re on your way.

The longer the distance, the more time you save. For example, you can reach Hvar in less than an hour, while the journey with a ferry lasts at least two hours. Our boat transfers to Vis will get you there in less than an hour and a half, while the ferry takes more than two and a half hours to get there. As you can see, the differences are significant, so why not spend an hour more enjoying the sun or swimming in a secluded cove?

But you don’t have to limit yourself just to the islands. As previously mentioned, boat transfers from Split can take you to and from Split airport, and the whole journey takes about 15 minutes! Trust us when we say that this is an incredibly fast way to connect the two, and it’s certainly much more enjoyable than riding in a car or bus. And just like you can reach the airport, so too can you reach other towns around Split. Trogir, for example, is an exceptionally beautiful place, and with our boats, you can be there in just 20 minutes.

Great for groups and day trips

Our boat transfers are perfect if you’re on vacation with a group of friends or if you have a larger family. This is because the boats we offer can accommodate up to 12 people, so there’s no way all of you won’t fit on them at once. Besides, the bigger the group, the lower the cost per person is because the price of every boat transfer is fixed (the fuel is included in the price, of course). After you get on board, prepare for a truly spectacular trip – the Split archipelago has loads of fascinating features and numerous islands and islets which show Mediterranean nature at its most beautiful.

Fascinating caves, pristine coves, and crystal-clear waters are just some of the things you can see and visit this way, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to organize a day trip somewhere. Just tell us you want a return trip to a destination of your choice and we will have a top-quality boat and experienced staff members all ready for you in no time. The Blue Cave near Vis is particularly attractive, whereas Zlatni rat near Bol is probably the most famous beach in Croatia and quite possibly the most beautiful one. As you meander and make your way between the islands, you will see first-hand why so many people keep coming back to this incredible coast every single year.


Final words

Booking a boat transfer from Split will be beneficial for your vacation in so many ways. First of all, you will avoid queues and large crowds, so you will reach your final destination much more rested and in a far better mood. Second, traveling on a fast motorboat sure beats buses and traffic jams, so you can truly start your Adriatic adventure and relax and enjoy within minutes after your plane lands or as soon as you get to the city. Finally, the experience of making your way through this part of the Adriatic coast is a thing of beauty because of the surroundings that await you, be they old towns or pretty islands. You will be able to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny of the region and really get a sense of what makes it so special and popular. So, don’t waste any time – book a boat transfer with us not and bring your vacation to a whole new level!