Choosing Sibenik as your vacation destination means to choose a charming little city with loads of history and a huge cultural and historical significance. It means to wander centuries-old streets and marvel at some exquisite feats of architecture, monuments that are significant on a global level. It also means to have the chance to enjoy the serene beauty of the Adriatic and have the time of your life as you enjoy wonderful beaches and feel the gentle summer breeze just before you jump into the pristine water.

However, staying in Sibenik also means that there are loads of quaint and picturesque little towns close by, many of which are located on the islands of the Sibenik archipelago. Not only that, but there are loads of beautiful beaches in the city’s vicinity. So forget about your hot and stuffy car and prepare to travel in a completely different way. Experience the Adriatic firsthand by booking boat transfers from Sibenik! This way, you will come to your destination in style, be much less tired when you get there, and start your vacation with a beautiful little adventure right away. Seriously, your whole experience of the city will be so much better.


Boat transfers from Sibenik to Krka National Park

If you’re in this part of the Adriatic, you will surely want to go and visit Krka National Park. This magnificent river has created loads of natural wonders on its way to the sea, so visiting all of that is something everyone should do. Majestic waterfalls surrounded by a thick lush forest seem like a place from a fairy tale, and the numerous hiking trails only add to the experience.

But don’t make the mistake of taking a bus or a car to go and visit the place because you will be missing out on a unique boat ride that will show you some incredible sights. Besides, it is a much more enjoyable experience than sitting in a bus or a car. Imagine traveling upstream, surrounded by pine trees, listening to crickets sing, and enjoying a gentle breeze. That’s what boat transfers from Sibenik to Krka National Park are all about.


Boat transfers from Sibenik to Zlarin

Among the islands of Sibenik Riviera, Zlarin takes centre place. It is a fascinating place which has only about 250 inhabitants in the winter period, but that number swells to almost ten times as much in summer. As is the case with pretty much all other islands in the Adriatic, the people here have a long and deep connection with the sea, but there is something very unique about this place in that sense.

You see, Zlarin is famous in the whole of Croatia (and probably beyond) for its fiery-red corals. As a matter of fact, people here have been making a living selling unprocessed corals for centuries! So, when on the island, you know which souvenir to buy. Booking a boat transfer from Sibenik to Zlarin will be a lovely ride and will get you in the right mood for this beautiful place full of intriguing history.

Boat transfers to Split and Zadar

But don’t think that boat transfers from Sibenik are only meant to cover short distances. Because of Sibenik’s location, you can easily get to the two largest cities in this part of Croatia – Split and Zadar. Heading to any one of them is a great idea for a day trip because the history of both cities goes all the way to the time of ancient Rome (even beyond that, in Zadar’s case), and there are many incredibly well preserved architectural feats from that period in each of the (Diocletian’s Palace in Split being the prime example).

Additionally, both cities have their own airports, which is also something to consider. You can, therefore, book a flight from any of the two cities and comfortably board your plane or land there and then get to Sibenik at the start of your vacation.
It’s so much better to go and see these two cities by boat because then you get to see a big chunk of the Dalmatian coast and see a huge number of islands and islets along the way. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to be trying to find your way to the most important sights because boats can drop you off right in the city centre. It’s just so much more fun and comfortable compared to a bus or a car. Get a boat transfer and see all the largest cities in Dalmatia!


Boat transfers from Sibenik to Obonjan

Situated west of Zlarin, Obonjan is an incredible little island with a resort on it. This place puts camping on a whole new level, and you will even be able to practice yoga among pine and olive trees. Also, the Hard Island Festival takes place here at the end of August. Add to that the available wellness treatments, pools, and all sorts of other goodies modern tourism brings, and you get an island that is likely to be a huge discovery on your vacation. If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be pampered and spend your time without a care in the world, this is most certainly it. Book a boat transfer from Sibenik to Obonjan and start enjoying yourself even before you reach this lovely place.


How to book boat transfers from Sibenik?

Easy – all you need is an internet connection, so with just a few clicks, your boat can be ready in a matter of minutes once you decide where you want to go. No matter if you’re looking to explore the neighboring cities, see some incredible feats of nature or just go island hopping in the Sibenik archipelago, booking a boat transfer from Sibenik is the best way to do it. You will have high-quality boats at your disposal, no matter where you go, and the crew operating every single one of them has years of experience under their belts. So just pick your dream destination and relax – with our boat transfers, the journey becomes an unforgettable part of your vacation.