Makarska is a wonderful little town. You get loads of sunshine there, the sea is just in front of it, and the majestic Biokovo mountain is ideal for those who like to spend a day hiking. Not to mention that the views from up there are simply spectacular. And there is something awfully charming about walking the town’s narrow streets and exploring their every nook and cranny. The people, the culture, the history… all of it blends into a fantastic picturesque package. In other words, booking a vacation here is a great choice.

However, that choice can become a whole lot better if you decide to go for boat transfers from Makarska. Not only can you do a whole lot of exploring this way and discover so many fascinating places, but you will really have the opportunity to soak the Adriatic in. Cruising along in a boat while the sun is shining and a gentle breeze is cooling you, while you’re followed by seagulls and surrounded by beckoning and refreshing pristine sea is something quite special. You can feel the relaxation just thinking about it, right? On top of that, boat transfers from Makarska can be really convenient because they are faster than the local ferries, plus they let you avoid traffic jams which are not uncommon around here during summer. You can save yourself a whole lot of trouble that way.

Boat transfers from Makarska to Hvar

Makarska is wonderfully positioned if you want to visit some of the best islands in Croatia, and if there’s one island you MUST visit, that’s Hvar. This island was voted by Conde Nast Traveler’s readers to be the very best in Europe in 2019, so you can be sure it has a lot to offer. A great place to visit is Jelsa, which is actually relatively close to Makarska, with its lovely pine forests and great hiking trails. As a matter of fact, our ships will get you there in just half an hour! Obviously, there are plenty of beaches too, as well as rich history and heritage, so everything you could possibly want from a small Mediterranean town will be found here.

Perhaps an even better choice would be to visit the town of Hvar (yes, the same name as the island) because it is such a magical place to see. It’s almost like it popped out right out of some history book to show everyone what life used to be like in centuries past. Read our Hvar guide and you’ll immediately see what we mean, but don’t forget to consider a trip to Pakleni otoci, either. Basically, whichever boat transfer from Makarska to Hvar you decide on, it will be a great decision.

Boat transfers from Makarska to Split

Split is also something to consider if you’re contemplating boat transfers from Makarska. This is the second-largest city in Croatia, so it has a very different vibe from places like Hvar or Jelsa. Nevertheless, it has quite a heritage, seeing how it’s more than 1700 years old. Oh, and it was founded by a Roman emperor, no less. There are also plenty of great beaches in and around the city, loads of great restaurants, and you can even visit some fascinating Game of Thrones locations. Read all about that in our Split guide to get a sense of what to expect in the city.

With boat transfers from Makarska to Split, you can enjoy the very best this city has to offer and then be back in Makarska in the evening to relax and enjoy the slower pace of a smaller town. One final note in favor of boat transfers – the road from Makarska to Split can be pretty congested. By opting for a boat, you will enjoy an incredible scenery of pine-dotted hills rising from the Adriatic with absolutely no stress and arrive fresh and well-rested to your destination. That being said, getting to Split from Makarska by car is generally much cheaper, so it may be better to travel like that, provided that the roads are clear.

Boat transfers from Makarska to Brač

Brač is the island right in front of Makarska, so you can get there with a boat transfer in a flash – 20 minutes is all it takes. However, Brač is also pretty big and there are many places worth visiting. Splitska, Pučišća, Supetar, Milna… the list is quite extensive. Still, by far the most famous place on the island is Bol, a quaint little town with wonderful old stone houses wherever you turn. It really is something special, but the main attraction is Zlatni rat, one of the best beaches in Croatia, just outside of Bol. This incredible pebble beach is probably the most famous beach in Croatia due to the fact that it changes shape depending on the tide. Furthermore, the sea is exceptionally clear and there are plenty of features you can enjoy, from cocktail bar to massage parlors, with some of them aimed specifically for kids. Still, even if you opt for some other place you won’t be sorry, that’s how great all towns and villages on Brač are.

Boat transfers from Makarska to Vis, Korčula and Mljet

Last but not least, we have boat transfers from Makarska to Vis. Sure, it’s a bit longer ride, but will our boats you will be traveling in comfort and enjoying every second of it. You’ll reach the island in just over an hour, so you’ll still have plenty of time to explore and enjoy. The main two towns over there are Komiža and Vis, with the former being a traditional fishing town, and the latter a town founded by ancient Greeks, no less. 
Korčula also has a lot to offer because of its long nautical tradition and the fact that this is the birthplace of Marco Polo, the famous explorer. Head to the town of Korčula if you want to visit his house, but Vela Luka is also quite a good option on this island.

Last but certainly not least, you can head to Mljet. The island’s immense beauty will leave every visitor unable to find the right words to describe it, and the national park on the island is something you have to see to believe it. So, just set up the right boat transfer from Makarska and you’ll be on your way to a magical destination for sure.