Are you looking for a way to quickly and comfortably get from Hvar to some other destination in beautiful central Dalmatia? We’ve got just the thing to help you! Our boat transfers from Hvar will not only take you wherever you need to go quickly, but they will also allow you to explore the Split archipelago and enjoy everything it has to offer. No matter if you’re planning a day trip to another island, just want to get to Hvar’s other side or even if you’re in a hurry to get to Split airport, this is the best way to travel. Wind in your hair, with sun and sea all around you, that’s what vacation in this part of the world is all about, and we provide it!

Ferries are slow and often crowded, and they are limited by their size, so they can’t go everywhere. With our boats, you can get wherever you want in less than half the time. You have complete freedom to roam around the islands and explore, all the while soaking in the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. This way, your vacation will be so much richer and you will create so many more beautiful memories. Don’t spend your whole vacation in one place – travel around, it’s so easy, and prepare to see some truly stunning sights.


Why should I book boat transfers from Hvar?

Well, some of the reasons were given in the previous part of the article – it’s much faster and waaaay more fun. Another reason is that there is so much to see around here. The island of Hvar alone, voted the best island in Europe by Conde Nast Traveller’s readers for 2019, by the way, has so much to offer. The towns of Hvar and Stari Grad are incredible places to visit, and it all gets to a whole new level if you book yourself a boat to transfer you from one place to another, around the island’s western tip. Then there are Paklinski Islands, a group of islands just southwest of Hvar, with loads of amazing beaches and bars. You NEED a boat to reach them, so why not let us provide you with the best possible ride there? Finally, there’s Šćedro, a small island slightly south of Hvar which is actually a nature park with some beautiful azure coves and bays.

And those are just the places you can visit around Hvar.


Transfers from Hvar to Zlatni rat on the island of Brač

Boat transfers from Hvar to other big islands of the Split archipelago can also be easily arranged. Honestly, you really should think about this option because Brač is right there, almost within an arm’s reach. The side of Brač facing Hvar hides that island’s crown jewel – the famous Zlatni rat beach near Bol, a beautiful little island town full of fantastically preserved stone houses and a lovely place for a day trip. Ferries can’t dock in this town, so booking a transfer with us is your best bet.


Transfers from Hvar to Vela Luka on Korčula

Slightly south of Hvar is the island of Korčula, with Vela Luka as its prime tourist magnet (Vela Spila cave over there is amazing!), but don’t miss out on the place called Lumbarda, either. Pelješac is also a splendid choice, especially if you like good wines because when it comes to red wines, the best ones in the whole of Croatia are made here.


Transfers from Hvar to Vis and Komiža on the island of Vis

Finally, there’s the island of Vis, with its two main towns Vis and Komiža. Both are incredibly beautiful and picturesque and give out that very special vibe of small Mediterranean towns. You can truly rest and relax in them (actually, that goes for pretty much all places mentioned here) and enjoy incredible food prepared by friendly locals. South-west of Vis is Biševo with its incredible Blue Cave, something that is best explored with one of our boat tours.


How long do you want to travel?

All of these islands (we can also add Šolta to the list) are within a reasonable distance from Hvar. As a matter of fact, you should be able to reach all of them within an hour. Therefore, booking a boat transfer from Hvar will allow you to explore a different part of the Split archipelago each day (or more places during the same day, no problem!) and really fill your vacation itinerary with incredible sights and beaches.

If you don’t mind a bit longer trip, however, consider taking a boat transfer to Mljet, one of Croatia’s eight national parks. It takes about two hours to get there, but the ride is very much worth it. The island has been under protection for about sixty years, and its beauty will really leave you speechless. Two salt-water lakes are the main attractions here, with some of the best beaches in Europe, but the whole part is a great place to visit. Again, consider booking a special boat tour for this with us in order to get the best possible experience. No matter which island you decide to visit in the end, though, you can be absolutely sure you will be amazed by their beauty.


Are boat transfers from Hvar worth it?

After all that’s been said here, the answer is undoubtedly yes. Not only can they get you quickly and safely to any of Hvar’s neighboring islands, but they can also get you to Split and Split’s airport in style and with minimal stress. You don’t have to claw your way through huge crowds on ferries any more, this method of travel will make sure you always reach your destination in tip-top condition and that you enjoy the ride.

For example, you can reach Hvar directly from Split’s airport in about an hour with our boat transfers, whereas going to Split and then catching a ferry can take several hours, maybe even the bigger part of your day, depending on when you land and when your ferry is scheduled to leave. So visit Vela Luka or Komiža with us, enjoy Zlatni rat on Brač and check out all other amazing places, all with maximum enjoyment and completely stress-free.

No matter the kind of transfer you want to make, be that a round trip or a one-way transfer, you can set it up here and be sure that the best boats and best crews are always at your disposal. Because of that, the beauty of this part of the Croatian coast is at the palm of your hand – you only have to decide where you want to go.