Looking for the best way to enjoy the Adriatic? Boat tours from Zadar are a perfect solution! Not only is the city itself quite amazing with loads of fascinating sights to see, but it is also perfectly located to allow you to reach many fantastic places. Thanks to the incredibly picturesque and numerous islands in front of Zadar, as well as because of the charming coast around it, you are guaranteed a true Mediterranean experience.

The Zadar archipelago is ideal for island hopping because of the small distances between these lovely pieces of land covered in dense pine forest which bask in the warm sun every single summer. You can explore quaint little towns in which people still preserve age-old traditions, find secluded beaches where your only company is an occasional seagull on the clear blue sky above you, or visit an incredible national park, a place still basically untouched by human hand. Whatever you choose, you will literally feel all that stress simply melting away. Honestly, summer vacations really don’t get any better than this, and we are here to help you organize everything AND give you the best possible price. Perfect, right?


Boat tour from Zadar to Kornati

When it comes to boat tours from Zadar, probably the best and most beautiful one is the one to Kornati. Now, Kornati is one of Croatia’s national parks, so you can really expect something spectacular. This is Mediterranean nature at its very finest because the park is composed of dozens of islands and islets, all with some truly fascinating formations. Of course, that’s not all you’ll be doing. With this many islands, you can bet there are plenty of great beaches around, so a portion of this boat tour will be dedicated to you swimming and relaxing in the crystal-clear sea.

The tour can also include (depending on when you book it) a visit to Telašćica nature park, another fascinating place in Kornati. You will see more fascinating formations here, but the main attraction is the salt lake called Mir (Croatian for “peace”). Yes, you can swim here too, and a part of the lake contains medicinal mud, too. Given that you will be surrounded by beautiful green hills here, it’s a perfect place to just jump in and enjoy some peace and quiet while relaxing in this incredible place.


Go and visit the Island of Love

South of Zadar, near the island of Pašman is a place ideal for a romantic getaway. Galešnjak is quite literally the Island of Love because it is shaped like a heart. The island is fairly small and nobody lives there, so it’s ideal if you want an intimate moment with your significant other. Of course, you can swim there and the waters around the island are ideal for snorkeling, but you can also go and explore the island on foot.

What is particularly interesting about this boat tour is that the route takes you around many other small islands and islets along the way. Even Galešnjak has a few right next to it. Naturally, Pašman dominates the landscape since it’s the biggest one, but there is so much to explore here, especially in terms of coves and secluded places where you can just stop and relax for a while. If you’re here with your spouse or your girl-/boyfriend, there’s nothing more romantic you could do for them than to organize this tour.

Enjoy the best sandy beach you’ve ever seen

Beach Sakarun on Dugi otok is the best place to visit if relaxing on a magnificent sandy beach is your number one priority. Fine white sand covers the beach and the sea around it is very shallow, so you can be sure you’ll have a blast. It’s also great for kids if you have them along. Azure sea surrounded by green forest complements the sand perfectly, and you will very much feel like you’re in paradise.

Since the beach is located on Dugi otok, that means you will have to sail through quite a big chunk of the Zadar archipelago and meander around some of its small islands. Therefore, you will have a very pleasant ride both before and after visiting Sakarun. In addition, there’s a lovely little village near the beach where you can do some exploring and meet the local fishermen, maybe grab an ice cream along the way, too. Just make sure you have plenty of sunscreen with you!


Boat tours to Ugljan and Silba

But all of those places are just a part of what this part of Croatia’s coast has to offer. Ugljan, for example, is right in front of Zadar and its size and the number of quaint little towns of the island make it ideal for a day of exploring. Lukoran has plenty of beaches and a magnificent sunrise, Poljana is a charming village where you can really sense the spirit of the Mediterranean, Kali is a fishing village, and so on. There is much more to explore!

On the other hand, if you want something less hectic, head to Silba. This fantastically beautiful island is a perfect place to spend your vacation far away from the urban bustle. It is full of greenery, ideal for long walks and also has loads of beaches. As a matter of fact, it even has an underwater museum – you can go snorkeling to see the Silba sarcophagus at the seabed just off the coast. It is more than 1500 years old!


What’s the best boat tour from Zadar?

The answer to that depends on what you’re looking for. As you can see, there is something for everyone in the Zadar archipelago, but the main features are the lush green forests of the islands and crystal-clear sea. Boat tours from Zadar can take you to explore places close to the city, like Ugljan, allow you to visit an amazing national park, take you to fantastic beaches or help you find some peace and quiet in a secluded cove on a distant island. Whatever you want from your vacation, we can make it happen, so don’t hesitate to book your boat tour with us. We guarantee to give you the best possible price!

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