Trogir is everything you could ever want from a small Mediterranean town – it has loads of sunshine, intricate history, rich culture and excellent food. Naturally, there are some great beaches nearby too, as well as islands that are very much worth a visit, especially if you’re a snorkeling fan. Add to that the lovely evenings you can spend walking along the coast with your significant other surrounded by ancient stone buildings, and you will realize that picking this place to be the focal point of your vacation simply can’t be a mistake. You are guaranteed to enjoy every single second of the time spent here.

But this town is also fantastically positioned for you to explore the rest of the region. Boat tours from Trogir will take you to some of the most beautiful places you have ever seen, all with competent and experienced guides. With them, you can enjoy incredible beaches, explore amazing caves and relax in amazing lagoons while you soak in the Adriatic sun. There are so many things to experience that it would be a shame to stay just in Trogir the whole vacation, beautiful as it might be.


The Blue Lagoon and 3 islands boat tour from Trogir

This first boat tour from Trogir doesn’t take you too far from the town, but it nevertheless provides a fantastic experience, with plenty of great places you can visit. First and foremost on the tour itinerary is the famous Blue Lagoon, a magical place on the island of Drvenik Veli where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and all other sea-related activities. However, there are more great swimming places on Drvenik Mali, the island right next to the previous location. Here, you can explore (and swim in, of course) plenty of wonderful bays and enjoy the fact that the island itself is quite peaceful and serene, with very little traffic. Ideal to lose your stress! Finally, the tour takes you also to Šolta, another island with plenty of great places where you can just jump in. You can also go and see the village of Maslinica and have a fantastic traditional lunch there. All in all, this is a great boat tour from Trogir for families – not very demanding, but still a way to get to know the nearby islands and their villages for an authentic Mediterranean experience.

The Blue Cave and Hvar boat tour from Trogir

Probably the most famous place to visit in this part of the Adriatic is the amazing Blue Cave on the island of Biševo. This incredible feat of nature has to be visited at an exact time of day if you want to fully appreciate the magical effect that takes place inside. The sun rays bounce around the cave’s walls creating a beautiful shimmering effect, while the water becomes bright blue. It really is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so obviously this boat tour from Trogir will make sure you get to the cave in time.

You will also be able to visit several islands of the Split archipelago, including Vis and Hvar, the other star of this trip. Now, Vis is really quite amazing, but Hvar has recently received international recognition as the best island in Europe, so you know you’re going to have a great time. Not only is the town of Hvar very old and quite spectacular, but the group of islands just off the coast of Hvar (known as Pakleni islands) hide some of the best beaches around. Therefore, with this tour you will be able to explore many wonderful places in just one day and have a great time enjoying the incredible beauty of nature here and the beaches scattered all over the region.


Brač boat tour from Trogir

Visiting Brač is also a great choice for a boat tour from Trogir. Brač is quite a big island, so there’s a variety of towns, villages, coves and beaches you can visit, but probably the most notable among them is the charming little town of Bol and the famous Zlatni rat beach right next to it. The town itself is beautiful, with loads of perfectly kept old stone houses and some great restaurants right next to the sea. The beach, however, is why most people come here because it is probably the most famous beach in Croatia (possibly and beyond) due to its pristine sea and the fact that the tip of the beach is constantly changing its shape due to the influence of tides and winds. But don’t make the mistake of forgetting about other places on Brač! Splitska is a great, somewhat secluded little village with plenty of wonderful places for swimming. Visiting it is a great way to relax completely surrounded by lovely nature. Milna is a great town on the island to visit if you want to take a stroll among cobblestone streets and stone houses with red roofs and enjoy some authentic Croatian/Mediterranean cuisine.


How to book a boat tour from Trogir?

The process of booking a boat tour from Trogir is quite simple – all you have to do is find the one you like most on this website, click on it and input the necessary information. In just a few minutes, an amazing part of your summer vacation will be all set and ready to go. Remember, on these tours you will have local guides who are VERY familiar with the area you’re visiting, so you can expect top-notch service, no matter where you go.

And wherever you decide to go, you will see wonderful things, things that will stay with you long after you go back home. Or come and visit again. Because the beauty of the Zlatni rat beach, Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon simply has that kind of effect on people – we can’t get enough of them and we just keep coming back to see them again. Come to Trogir, pick a boat tour, and see why that’s the case.

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