Are you looking to explore the very best places on the Croatian coast? Do you want to enjoy the sun, relax on some beautiful beaches and get to see for yourself what makes this small country the perfect place for your vacation of a lifetime? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Our boat tours will take you to all the most incredible places of the Split archipelago and make sure you experience its pristine blue waters in the best way possible. You will be looked after by an experienced crew and all your needs and expectations will be met.

All boats in our fleet are of the highest quality and guarantee an unforgettable adventure at sea! Visit stunningly beautiful and culturally rich island towns, enjoy some truly remarkable food and dive straight into the Adriatic. Or simply pause for a moment to take everything in and truly appreciate the fact that you are on such a magical vacation. On top of all that, you are guaranteed to get the very best prices from us for all those experiences, so you can be absolutely sure you will be getting your money’s worth every single time.


Where can you go? Brač is a great choice!

All islands around Split are very much focused on tourism, which means you really can’t go wrong no matter which tour from our offer you book. Right in front of the city is the island of Brač, and here already you can find some true gems. First and foremost, on the far side of the island is a town called Bol. It is a beautiful tiny town, perfect for a romantic getaway if you’re looking for a place with excellent restaurants and bars in the evening. It is also where probably the most famous beach in Croatia – Zlatni rat – is located. The beach is truly magnificent, with incredibly clear waters and pine trees overlooking you from the hill above. If at all possible, visit it. It’s very much a must!

If you want to further enjoy picturesque little Mediterranean towns, visit Milna (also on Brač). Beautiful red roofs on old stone houses make for an incredible sight, and you will certainly love exploring every inch of this place. There are plenty of secluded coves all around – Osibova, Maslinova, Bobovišća, just to name a few – and Bijaka beach is in Milna itself. Therefore, you will find plenty of great places for swimming and snorkeling here, perfect for an ideal summer vacation.

Hvar is also a great choice

Just behind Brač lies the island of Hvar, and this is where things really start to get interesting. The town of Hvar (yes, the same name as the island) is an absolutely wonderful place to visit, with loads of cultural sights and immense heritage. Great restaurants, excellent night clubs, and more stunning beaches are the reason why so many tourists choose this island for their vacation. It was actually voted the best island in Europe for 2019 by Conde Nast Traveler’s readers, something that speaks volumes of the quality of experiences you can get here.

Pakleni or Paklinski Islands are just off the coast of Hvar and represent a spectacular opportunity for a boat tour. About two dozen islands, big and tiny, form this incredibly beautiful group, and there are some fantastic beaches scattered all over the area. Beaches that come with bars and restaurants, so you can even grab yourself a refreshment if you’re up for it. You can see where we’re going with this, right? A day of island hopping from one great spot to another will show you the Dalmatian coast in its full glory and provide you with a day you won’t forget any time soon.


Don’t forget about Vis!

While it may seem this is slightly harder to reach given that it’s a bit farther away from the mainland, a boat tour to the island of Vis is easy to arrange with one of our faster and more powerful boats. Two beautiful places – Vis and Komiža – will reward you with stone houses, great food and an incredibly cozy atmosphere so characteristic for small Mediterranean towns. There is a sense of serenity here, especially in the evening, and you can sometimes even see children playing on the streets until very late at night.

Explore Blue Cave and Medvidina

But the main thing to visit if you come here is the incredible Blue Cave on the small islet of Biševo, just south-west of Vis. The cave is named after the incredible shimmering blue color that fills it as the sunshine hits the sea inside. The experience is nothing short of magical. However, keep in mind that swimming is forbidden here.

Fortunately, nearby Medvidina cave is open for swimming and snorkeling, something that is certain to be quite an adventure. Jumping into the crystal-clear waters of the cave is a thrill in and of itself, and following the narrow tunnel at the end of which is a small pebble beach only adds to the excitement you feel when visiting this place. Mediterranean monk seals used to come here often, but given that this species is now endangered you have to be extremely lucky to see one. Never say never, though!


To conclude…

As you can see, the Split archipelago is brimming with incredible places to see. From beautiful towns and beaches to mesmerizing nature and delicious food, there are so many ways to enjoy Dalmatia, and boat tours can facilitate pretty much all of them. So, book one with us and start exploring – doing so will open up a whole world of opportunities in front of you. Make the most of them and you will have the vacation of your lifetime. Welcome, and join us on an incredible boat ride to explore the beauty of these magical islands!

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