Sibenik is such a great place to visit! Its long history, fascinating culture, warm and friendly people, beautiful nature, and crystal-clear sea provide loads of different options for your vacation. No matter how you choose to spend your time in this small city, you will be able to experience the very best the Mediterranean has to offer. As every traveler knows, exploring a new place you’re visiting gives you a very special feeling, and that feeling is even more pronounced in Sibenik, especially when you walk its oldest parts.

And while you very much should explore the city on your own and allow it to amaze you with what it has to offer, there are also plenty of great places to visit outside of it. The best way to fully explore all those different options is by booking at least one of the boat tours from Sibenik seems like a great idea. Let experienced local guides show you the true beauty of this area and help you discover secrets you would otherwise miss. Just one boat tour will prove how easy it is to fall in love with this part of Croatia forever.


Boat tour from Sibenik to Kornati

If there’s one boat tour from Sibenik you have to book, it’s the one that will take you to see Kornati. This majestic national park is a collection of dozens of small islands and islets (more than 150 of them, actually) and is actually the densest group of islands on the Mediterranean. But the thing about Kornati is that they are completely pristine, practically untouched by human hand, as there are no settlements on any one of more than 150 islands. Therefore, you can see nature’s creativity here in full swing, hopping from one island to another, witnessing amazing cliffs, soaking in some amazing views, and generally enjoying a day out on the sea. With so much to see, going on an organized tour is the perfect way to visit this national park if you’re not planning to rent a boat to go there on your own – you will be taken to its most beautiful parts right away. And believe us when we say that there are plenty of such parts all over the national park. Kornati are indeed something very special, and a trip here will make sure you remember the time when you visited Sibenik for the rest of your life.

Sibenik Riviera boat tour

That being said, the islands of the Sibenik Riviera have plenty to offer, too. Zlarin, Prvić, and Tijat each have a unique story to tell. The first one is probably the most famous of the three, primarily because of its centuries-long tradition of gathering corals. Yes, these fiery-red beauties are inextricably linked to Zlarin, so make sure to pick up a coral souvenir or two while there and to hear stories the locals have to tell about this way of life. Prvić has two incredibly picturesque villages you can visit and loads of wonderful and secluded coves where you can enjoy a swim without having to worry about other tourists. The soothing beauty of nature on the island will simply melt the stress away. Finally, there’s Tijat, a completely uninhabited island with spectacularly clear sea all around it. Therefore, it is another great place for a swim, but you may also encounter some bighorn sheep that roam the island.


Boat tour from Sibenik to Skradin (Krka National Park)

Another great boat tour from Sibenik you can take is the one that takes you to Skradin. The unique feature of this trip is that it takes you inland, towards the east, and not to the open sea. It starts with an opportunity to take a good look at Sibenik from the sea, and then you head towards Prokljan, a very pretty lake halfway towards Skradin. You won’t be able to decide what’s more beautiful, Skradin or the path that leads to it, because you will be sailing through a channel surrounded by lush greenery on all sides. It’s quite a relaxing ride that makes you enjoy and appreciate the beauty of untouched nature.

Once in Skradin, you can choose to go and visit Krka National Park, another stunningly beautiful place. Pay special attention to the amazing waterfalls you can see here. On top of that, the small island of Visovac with a monastery built on it is very much worthy of your attention, too. In short, this trip from Sibenik is a guarantee you will have an amazing and eventful day and that you’ll get to see some of Croatia’s most beautiful places. And yes, you can get here by car, but if at all possible go for the boat tour. The experience will be so much more memorable.


How to book a boat tour from Sibenik?

Easy, everything can be booked online. You can find each of the aforementioned tours on our website, and then it’s all a matter of making and confirming your reservations. You can be sure that you’ll get the best possible price with us for every experience, and if you find a better one we will match it immediately. Whatever place you decide to visit, you simply can’t go wrong because each boat tour from Sibenik will provide you with something unique and wonderful to explore. Natural beauty, cultural heritage, picturesque towns and villages, and fascinating traditions – it’s all there and the only thing you have to do is decide where you want to go.

On each boat tour, you will be accompanied by capable and knowledgeable staff who will point out the main sights of each area and explain the history behind it. They are locals and have years of experience in this line of work behind them, so you will be in great hands every step of the way and because of these people, your trip will be that much more enjoyable. In short, if you’re visiting Sibenik and want to make the most of your time here, taking one of our boat tours to see some of the places outside of the city should be an indispensable part of your schedule. They are simply that good!

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