Ah, Makarska. If you want to experience everything the Adriatic has to offer, this is the place. It’s a lovely town near the city of Split, where the summers are always warm and sunny, and the sea is crystal-clear. Loads of beaches surrounded by wonderful and soothing pine forests provide plenty of opportunities to relax and just enjoy yourself, and the food you can taste around here is second to none. Add to that the majestic mountain range of Biokovo, an ideal place for hiking and exploring nature, and you get a truly unique location that is bound to leave a lasting impression on you. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of other charming little towns very close by.

However, one of the main advantages of spending your vacation here is the fact that some of Croatia’s most beautiful islands are right in front of you. In other words, if you would like to explore this part of the country’s coast, you have a whole lot of incredible options. Fascinating towns and villages with incredible culture and history, enchanting coves you can swim and snorkel in, beaches that will leave you speechless… Makarska boat tours offer all that and so much more, all with the locals showing you the way and advising you on what to see. So, set one day aside for one such tour and add an unforgettable experience to your trip.

Blue Cave and five islands boat tour from Makarska

If there’s one boat tour from Makarska you have to make, it’s the one to the Blue Cave. Located on the small island of Biševo, just near Vis, this amazing feat of nature will blow you away with its beauty. Booking a tour to it is the best way to experience it in its full glory because you should be there at a particular time of day to see firsthand what makes this cave so special. During this time, the sun’s rays come into the cave at just the right angle, the whole cave starts shimmering, and the water becomes fascinatingly blue. So, with this boat tour from Makarska you have all planned out and can just enjoy a lovely ride to your destination.

A visit to the Blue Cave, however, also gives you a chance to stop and several other islands and explore the whole archipelago. Wonderful places like Stiniva on Vis, the aforementioned Zlatni rat and Hvar, and even Pakleni otoci are all included in your itinerary, so your day will be full to the brim with fantastic sights, beaches, and overall enjoyment. As a matter of fact, we are willing to bet it will be the very best day of your whole vacation.

Boat tours from Makarska to Brač

Brač is right in front of Makarska, so you can’t miss it when you come here. The thing is, this is a fairly large island, so it’s a good idea to have a guide with you to know exactly what to visit. Zlatni rat is a no-brainer, though, because the sheer beauty of this incredible beach will leave you speechless. The town of Bol, just near the beach, is quite charming too, so coming here means that you get to see the very best of Brač. However, there are plenty of secluded bays and villages on the island you may not know about, such as Splitska or Pučišće, which makes a guided tour to Brač that much more valuable.

Boat tours from Makarska to Hvar

As for Hvar, the island is really something very special. The town of Jelsa is wonderfully situated on the coast but surrounded by lush greenery, coves and small bays ideal for a dip. It’s just such a relaxing place to visit. But the town of Hvar is really something quite special, and here you can enjoy everything you would expect from an elite destination – fantastic restaurants, loads of sights, excellent beaches and even an opportunity to visit Pakleni otoci, a small but amazing group of islands right in front of the town. Read our Hvar guide and see why this island was voted to be the best in Europe by Conde Nast Traveler’s readers in 2019. Don’t forget about Stari Grad either, an ancient place with loads of history and culture.

Glass boat tours and panoramic tours from Makarska

But a great choice is just to sail out in front of the town and enjoy the spectacular scenery all around it. Biokovo really makes for an incredible background, and sailing out and looking back on it really gives you a sense of awe and wonder. Panoramic tours from Makarska are all about that – they will show you the beauty of this part of the Croatian coast in great detail and even treat you to a great Dalmatian lunch along the way. It’s a great way to spend a stress-free day and get to know Dalmatia a bit better.

However, if you’re more interested in what’s in the sea than what’s around it, glass boat tours from Makarska will show you exactly what’s going on below. Thanks to the glass bottom these boats have, you will be able to dive into the underwater world without ever having to get wet. There’s quite a lot more there than just sea urchins, you know. With a bit of luck, you may come across a friendly dolphin or some other amazing animal.

How to book boat tours from Makarska?

You’ve gone through all the options and found your favorite? Great, all you have to do now is book the boat tour you want. It can all be done in just a few clicks on this very website, so go right ahead and make your first step towards an unforgettable vacation. You will always get the best possible price for each tour here, and if you find a website that offers the same for less money, we’ll match their offer right away!

In any case, boat tours from Makarska are an amazing way to add something very special to your vacation. They allow you to be free and explore, to see for yourself what makes the Croatian coast so special and popular. This part of the world is exactly what you picture when somebody says the word “Mediterranean”, and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Beaches, food, nature… whatever your idea of an ideal vacation is, you’ll find it here. So let these tours add a very special day to your vacation – you will be accompanied by an expert local guide, so you just have to relax and enjoy the ride. You will experience the Adriatic in all its beauty that way.

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