If you’ve decided to spend your vacation in Dubrovnik, you’ve made a fantastic choice because very few places in the world can provide you with such opportunities for enjoyment. Not only will you get to enjoy mesmerizing streets of the old town along with spectacular city walls, but you will also be able to taste some fantastic food. In addition, Dubrovnik is a fairly glamorous place, so if you’re lucky you may come across a celebrity or two during your stroll along Stradun. However, the area around the city has a whole lot to show you, and you would do well to explore it – the quaint little towns, the clear sea, and the hot Mediterranean sun will add so much more to your vacation. That’s why booking one of the available boat tours from Dubrovnik is such a good idea.

With us, you can explore this part of Adriatic and relax in beautiful coves on picturesque islands. You can visit stunning national parks, swim in incredible caves and maybe even taste some of the best wines in Croatia. In short, you can have the vacation of your dreams, all for the best price on the market!


Boat tours from Dubrovnik to the Elaphiti Islands

So where can you go by boat from Dubrovnik? Plenty of fascinating places! A great boat tour from Dubrovnik is the one that takes you to visit the Elaphiti Islands. It’s a small group of islands just north-west of the city, three of which are inhabited. On two of those (Koločep and Lopud) there are absolutely no cars, so they are excellent choices if you just want to get away from it all and rest in a serene place. Šipan, the third and the largest inhabited island, has cars, but given that it has only about 450 people, it’s not exactly congested in terms of traffic. Therefore, no matter which island you choose to visit, you can’t go wrong, although hopping from one to another is certainly a great idea, too.

There is one thing that could make you want to visit Koločep first and that is its beautiful Blue Cave (not to be confused with its namesake, the main star of our Blue Cave on Biševo tour, another fascinating place you should visit if at all possible). This cave can only be explored if you jump off from your boat and swim towards it and then dive below the sea level during the final few feet. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Once you’re inside, you will enjoy a spectacular scene, swimming surrounded by azure blue sea.

Boat tour from Dubrovnik to Mljet

If you’re looking to explore the most beautiful places on the Adriatic, then a trip to the island of Mljet is a must. The national park there is over 60 years old and contains some truly awe-inspiring places, most notable of which are two salt lakes. The larger lake even has an island within it, with a building that was once a monastery. Yes, an island inside of an island!

Obviously, since the chances are you’ll be here in summer, you will want to find a nice beach and jump into this incredible scenery. The lakes are one of the options, sure, but don’t hesitate to explore or ask your skipper for tips because Mljet is full of surprises. The sand beach in Limoni Bay, for example, will make you feel like you’re in some tropical paradise, and Sutmiholjska is a place of incredible tranquillity that will just melt all your stress away. These are just some of the great beaches the island boast, though, so you can be sure you will enjoy yourself wherever you decide to jump in.


Visit Pelješac for its great wine

Pelješac is also a great destination for a boat tour from Dubrovnik because it has plenty of beautiful places and, more importantly, it is a region that has a long winemaking tradition. Come here to taste Croatia’s finest red wines, with a bite that goes along with them perfectly, of course. Pelješac is a peninsula, meaning you can reach it by car, but going there by boat is so much more beautiful.


Korčula and Ston are an excellent combo

The island of Korčula offers so many great places for exploration too, starting with Vela Luka, a relatively big town with a lot of tradition and culture behind it. There are also places like Lumbarda, which provide plenty of space for rest and relaxation. The small town of Ston is often thrown into the mix with Korčula, and it is a lovely place to visit if you’re willing to hop over to the coast. The town is famous for oysters, exceptionally long city walls and the fact that it has been producing salt for centuries. Little has changed in that process over the years, so go and check it out if you have the opportunity.


A kayak is an option, too!

If you’re looking for something a little bit more adventurous, kayaking is a great choice. Not only can you rent a kayak to tour Dubrovnik’s city walls from the outside, but you can also go over to the little island of Lokrum right in front of the city. It has a botanical garden, plenty of wonderful caves and a whole lot of places where you can just jump into the sea and relax. It’s a fantastic way to spend a day surrounded by nature while staying close to the city.


Book a boat tour from Dubrovnik with us!

No matter where you decide to go, you’ll need a high-quality vessel and expertly trained crew. We can provide you with both! Not only that, but we will provide that at the best possible price. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fairy-tale scenery stretching as far as the eye can see. With the calm sea, warm sun and an occasional seagull (or maybe even a dolphin!) all around you, you will quickly realize coming here was the right move to make.

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