If you’ve chosen to come to Sibenik for your vacation, you’ve chosen a very special place indeed. It is the oldest town founded by Croats on the Adriatic coast, and as such it has an immense cultural heritage every visitor should explore. There’s not one, but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city, along with plenty of other spectacular examples of medieval architecture you can visit. Thanks to this, you can almost feel the culture permeating the city streets, but this is just one type of attractions Sibenik has to offer.

The city is a fantastic starting point for your cruise, and as you leave it towards the open sea, you will glide past the spectacular St. Nicholas’ fortress. After that, the Sibenik archipelago will open up in front of you and you will be able to visit and enjoy some wonderful islands. This is pristine Mediterranean nature, nature at its very finest, with pine trees, hot sun, and crystal-clear sea all around you. However, what makes Sibenik unique on the Croatian coast is the fact that you can sail east from the city, and that is actually one of the most beautiful trips you can ever make! To do that, though, you will need to rent a boat in Sibenik.


Rent a speedboat

The choice of your vessel obviously depends on what kind of vacation you want. If you want something that will get your blood flowing, go for a RIB or a powerful speedboat. There are plenty of those to choose from, and the feeling you get when you reach full speed and sense the wind in your face and the Adriatic splashing all around you is something that is not easily put into words. You will feel like you can go anywhere in the world.

With all that power, Žirje Island can be reached quite quickly, and there you will be able to relax fully and enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet – a stark contrast to the rush this kind of boat provides. Of course, Žirje is just one of the options, as Zlarin Island can be reached in a blink of an eye, and Vodice, a lovely little coastal town is also well within your reach if you decide to explore the coast around Sibenik. But there are many more options to consider.


… or rent a sailboat in Sibenik?

To rent a sailboat in Sibenik means to cruise around this incredible part of the Mediterranean and slowly soak in everything around you. Take your time, relax, and get comfortable on one of these big vessels, and let the serenity of the location wash over you.

But if there’s one place you should visit in a sailboat while here, it’s Skradin. This immensely beautiful little town sits north-east of Sibenik, but the ride there is arguably even more breathtaking. Prokljansko jezero (Prokljan Lake), a lake right in front of the town, is just one of the fantastic sailing locations, but you won’t see real beauty until you see a sunset there or from Skradin. It really is something very special. So, make an effort to be with your sailboat here at sundown, open a bottle of your favorite wine, and just sit down, relax and enjoy the beauty all around you. If this doesn’t help you get rid of your stress, nothing will.

Luxury boats in Sibenik are a great choice, too

If you really want to live it up and are willing to spare no expense for an unforgettable vacation, book yourself a luxury boat, and just take off. There are all kinds of yachts to choose from, so no matter if you want a motor yacht or a sailing yacht, you will find what you need easily. It is the ultimate way to sail these waters, plus you get to enjoy beautifully luxurious interiors of the boats and the full service that goes along with that. Chefs, jet skis and many other forms of entertainment will be at your disposal.

The ideal destination to visit is the Kornati National Park. It is due west of Sibenik and represents the densest concentration of islands in the whole Mediterranean. But the best part is that there are no permanent settlements on these islands, just unspoiled nature as far as the eye can see. So go ahead and explore them, enjoy the incredible feats of nature, and find yourself a secluded beach that will be your own slice of heaven. With a boat like this, the experience of visiting this national park will stick with you for the rest of your life.


Do I need a license to rent a boat in Sibenik?

Well, no. If you don’t have a license, you can simply hire a captain and the crew to pilot the boat while you enjoy yourself and focus on the sun and the sea and all other amazing things around you. So, not having a license doesn’t even have to be a setback, seeing how you can have more time for your vacation and fewer things to worry about when you hire a boat.

On the other hand, if you do have a license, first check if it is accepted by Croatian marine authorities. The chances are you will have no problems, but do check just to be on the safe side. If for some reason your license isn’t valid in Croatian waters, contact Sibenik port authority), and they should be able to help you take a test in just two days for a new and valid license.


Prepare for a vacation of a lifetime

The bottom line is – if you decide to rent a boat in Sibenik, you will have an amazing time. There is something beautiful to see literally wherever you go because the nature all around the city is simply amazing. You can sail inland for a unique experience, you can visit a national park, or you can relax on some incredibly peaceful beaches on the islands near the city.

And if you decide to hire a crew along with your boat, you can rest assured you will be in capable hands. These are all very experienced and well-educated sailors who will always make sure you remember your every moment at the sea. Enjoy!

Available boats in Sibenik

Blumax 550 Open


Marlin 26 Sibenik


Jeanneau – Merry Fisher 795