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BlueMax 550 Open

If you want to enjoy a nice day out on the sea with your friends and/or family, Blumax 550 Open is a great boat for that. Sleek design fits it really well, and the maximum power of the engine can allow you to develop a very decent speed, but this is first and foremost a boat for those who want to take it easy and enjoy the Adriatic. It’s also great for island hopping and exploring all those nooks and crannies that the Croatian coast is so famous for. If you’re looking for a vessel that will provide you with a nice and relaxing vacation and plenty of enjoyment in the sun, you can’t do much better than this one. So allow us to introduce you to it.



First, let’s talk about the boat’s size. Now, it’s exactly 5.65 meters in length, which comes to 18 and a half feet. As far as the width is concerned, Blumax 550 Open is 2.34 meters (7ft 8in) wide. So, it’s a decently sized boat. The specifications say that it can carry up to seven persons, which is enough for two small families to board, or a decent group of friends. In other words, it’s easy to bring some company along for the ride. Just keep in mind that one place has to be reserved for the skipper if nobody in your party has a valid boating license. Otherwise, you can take this beauty for a spin yourself and enjoy a pleasant ride.


Other features

Blumax 550 opens comes with a variety of engines, the most powerful of which has 115 hp. However, you will usually find it fitted with engines of about 80-90 hp. The boat comes with a ladder that makes getting back aboard from the sea so much easier, and there is also a bimini top that provides some much-needed shade. You will learn to appreciate this feature if you find yourself out at sea in the middle of the day here. There is plenty of room for sunbathing, so getting an even tan should not be a problem, either. If you decide to take her out for a spin yourself, you’ll be glad to know that this boat comes not just with GPS but with depth sounder, as well.


A few final words

Indeed, Blumax 550 Open is a great boat for a family day out at the sea during your summer vacation. It is very maneuverable, reasonably fast and quite comfortable, and if you have a boating license, you’ll have a wonderful time with it, no matter where you go. Even with a skipper, you will learn to appreciate the comfort this boat provides. With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that Blumax 550 Open is one of the most popular boats in our fleet. Book it now and enjoy a relaxing day on the Adriatic. 


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