Is Zagreb worth visiting?

If you’re coming to Croatia, the chances are that it’s summer and you’re heading to one of this country’s spectacular islands and/or beaches. But has it occurred to you to pay a visit to Croatia’s capital? While Zagreb is not on the coast, it nevertheless has plenty to offer. On top of that, it’s quite well […]

Big guide to hiking tours in Croatia

Croatia is probably best known for its picturesque islands, wonderful coast and amazing beaches. So, if you decide to come here for a summer vacation hoping for crystal-clear sea, loads of sun and all other fantastic water-related activities you can think of, you’ll be absolutely delighted. However, it may surprise you to hear that hiking […]

The best dog-friendly beaches in Croatia

You’re planning a summer vacation and want to bring your four-legged friend with you? They are a part of the family, after all. Well, you’re in luck because Croatia is a great destination for that. There are beaches here that cater exclusively to dogs and their owners, so you can easily afford your pooch some […]

Dalmatian Sea Urchins: Everything you need to know before you get stabbed

Sea urchins are very much present all over the Croatian coast, so if you’ve never had to deal with a beach full of them, some preparation may be in order. Known among the locals as “sea hedgehogs” (morski jež or ježinac), which makes perfect sense when you think about it, this particular species of sea-dwelling […]

The ultimate guide to swearing in Croatian

They say the quickest way to blend in when visiting a new country is to learn to swear in the local language. And learning to swear in Croatian is bound to at least provide you with an interesting topic to talk about with the locals, many of whom will surely appreciate the effort you put […]

Best beaches in Croatia for families

Coming to Croatia for your summer vacation is certainly a great decision, especially if you want to enjoy some spectacularly beautiful beaches. There is certainly no shortage of those on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. However, if you’re coming here with your whole family, keep in mind that some beaches are better suited for […]

Visit the legendary Game of Thrones locations in Croatia

If you’re planning a summer vacation, Croatia is the place to go, no doubt about that. Its beautiful Adriatic coast is full of wonderful islands, picturesque little towns, incredible history, and amazing culture. Not to mention that the people over there are extremely friendly and the food is just awesome. But even if for some […]

Yugo – the worst car ever made

Among car enthusiasts, it’s fairly difficult to get a consensus on the best car ever. Some may favor Ferrari and its new LaFerrari model, while some old-school Ferrari fans may say Enzo is the best, and others will point to Dino 246. Porsche fans will perhaps champion Carrera GT or the 550 Spyder, and there […]